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Red Cherry by pat2494 Red Cherry :iconpat2494:pat2494 2 0 Sunrise at the Nile (LowPoly) by pat2494 Sunrise at the Nile (LowPoly) :iconpat2494:pat2494 27 7 Railway crossing (LowPoly) GIF by pat2494 Railway crossing (LowPoly) GIF :iconpat2494:pat2494 33 23 Zeppelin (LowPoly) by pat2494 Zeppelin (LowPoly) :iconpat2494:pat2494 63 14 Arrival delayed (LowPoly) by pat2494 Arrival delayed (LowPoly) :iconpat2494:pat2494 67 17
Just Words
"I'm fine" is a dirty lie.
The truth is that I want to die.
"I'm tired" is not even done.
It really means "I'm tired of being no one"
"I'm better" is but a curse.
The truth is that I've never been worse
"I'm just cold" is what I say
so my sleeves can hide my scars away.
"I already ate" is said with a frown.
I starve to see the numbers on the scale go down.
"I'm okay" is probably the worst.
It really means I'm about to burst.
All these things are lies to me.
But you take this as the truth because what else would I be?
:iconmimibert:Mimibert 921 172
Things I'll Never Say
There are certain things I’ll never say,
Like how I thought about killing myself today
Just to keep my own scary thoughts away.
Like how I stay awake way too late
To be sure I don’t awake in a bloody state.
Like how I soaked white into red last night
And turned myself into a ghastly sight.
Like how it hurts too much to breathe
When I make my own skin seethe.
Like how I Google things I shouldn’t
When I want to do things I couldn’t.
Like how I’m scared of being alone
Yet I’m only happy when I’m on my own.
Like how I know I’ll wind up killing myself
And turn into just a dusty photo on a dusty shelf.
Like how I make myself bleed every day
Even though I know I can’t go on this way.
Like how I maybe want someone to see
And for them to somehow help me.
But nobody will ever help me,
Not really,
Because those are all the things I’ll never say.
:iconcorporaterockwhore:CorporateRockWhore 186 81
letters on leaving.
i wrote my first suicide letter in 10th grade.
they told me it didn't count if you felt like dying
unless you had it down on paper
like a vetoed birth certificate.
i've rewritten it enough times since
to realize i could never leave with a proper goodbye.
goodbye is too heavy a word for paper to hold
and i was never brave enough for the kind of courage it takes to tell them
why they weren't enough to keep me here.
but i'm finally learning a different kind of bravery-
the kind it takes to
i learned to wear death 
like rope burn my junior year
my senior year we became friends
 but i finally stopped cutting the insides of wrists
when i finally realized death never arrives on time,
i started smoking when i turned 18
to speed his arrival
because somedays, 15 less earth rotations around the sun sounds like a blessing.
2 years later I'm still learning to let the self destructive habits go
I stopped smoking again
threw the knife away and closed the toilet lid.
:iconarabesque-o:arabesque-o 181 45
Low Poly Isometric House by Kaiguu Low Poly Isometric House :iconkaiguu:Kaiguu 49 10 Stonebridge (LowPoly) by pat2494 Stonebridge (LowPoly) :iconpat2494:pat2494 27 8 Shadow Fort - Low Poly by WhisperingIStranger Shadow Fort - Low Poly :iconwhisperingistranger:WhisperingIStranger 9 4 Guybrush Threepwood by vandam1989 Guybrush Threepwood :iconvandam1989:vandam1989 3 0 House In The Woods by Obsidianmoon13 House In The Woods :iconobsidianmoon13:Obsidianmoon13 11 0 Low Poly Valley by killcanos Low Poly Valley :iconkillcanos:killcanos 115 29 Stonebridge at Night (LowPoly) by pat2494 Stonebridge at Night (LowPoly) :iconpat2494:pat2494 18 4 Water mill at sunrise (LowPoly) GIF by pat2494 Water mill at sunrise (LowPoly) GIF :iconpat2494:pat2494 9 8


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